Meet Butch & Darla the Bulldogs

As soon as Butch and Darla’s Dad contacted me and said the word English Bulldogs, I was sold.  I made the trek all the way out to Stafford just to meet these two and I don’t think they could have been any cuter with those faces and their shenanigans.  We enjoyed some backyard time where they enthusiastically raced with the neighbor’s dog up and down the fence and took advantage of some cool water from the hose.  It didn’t take long to wear out these two so we went inside for some lounge time.  Butch had a nap and Darla “tactically acquired” my squeaky toy I use for dog sessions.  Tactically acquired is a military term for stealing, if you didn’t know….  But she loved it so much I didn’t mind leaving it for her to enjoy.  I hope to meet these two again in the future!  Who couldn’t love these squishy faces!

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