About Me

Boy Mom.  Photographer.  Crazy Dog Lady.  Dr. Pepper Addict.

By day I am a photographer, by night I am a….. photographer?  Wait, what?
What I mean to say is I am clearly living the dream!

During the 9-5 week you can find me at my ‘day job’ as a Visual Information Specialist for the Army Corps of Engineers where I do photography, videography, graphic design, and general shenanigans with my workmates.  People say I have a ‘cake job’ to which I completely agree…  There is LITERALLY ALWAYS cake where I work for some reason.  Which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Evenings and weekends you can also find me taking pictures… Of my family, my dog, random sparkly things.  But I can also be found taking pictures of YOUR family if you like… (please bring your dog if you have one).  Some other places you might find me include:  head over heels photographing a wedding (where there’s also cake), spending time talking about snapchat and untarnished dreams with my seniors, or catching up with previous clients-turned-friends.

Giving back is important to me and my photography helps me do that in a lot of ways!  I am a huge advocate for animal rescue.  I shoot special adoption photos for local shelters, rescue agencies and volunteer for other special events when I can.

Want to get a little more personal?  I love going to the movies and reading when I have time.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Intelligence.  I was active duty Air Force for 11 years in the field of Emergency Management.  Probably not what you expected, right?  I am originally from the St. Louis area and have an obnoxious obsession for Cardinals Baseball.  All of these things have led me here in one seredipidous way or another and I currently live my dreams here in Winchester, Virginia with my husband, our two little mancubs, and an extremely spoiled dog named Ricco.

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