1st Annual Dog of the Year Contest

Shannon Hodges Photography & Posh Pets are pairing up for a competition of the furriest kind!  Do you think your dog has what it take to win the Dog of the Year title!?  Is she cute?  Is he smart?  Does your dog do something awesome like nobody’s business?  Tell us about it!  Or better yet SHOW us!  Leave a comment in the blog below or on facebook telling us about your dog and why you think they would make an excellent Dog of the Year!  The winning pooch will receive a free custom photo session and a fantastic looking portrait of themselves displayed for a whole year at Posh Pets Boutique on the Walking Mall!  Also included are free treats, belly rubs and ear scratches during your session and bragging right for a whole year!

Please visit the rafflecopter link for more chances to enter!


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  • Britney Mann - I would love for my girl Mokkan to win! PICK MOKKAN!!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Hinkle - my dog zoey is awsome. she’s very protective of our family.,very gentle with children;she’s good @ herding loose chickens up. very smart also she’d mske a good dog of the yearReplyCancel

  • Laura Hinkle - my dog zoey is awsome. she’s very protective of our family.,very gentle with children;she’s good @ herding loose chickens up. very smart also she’d make a good dog of the yearReplyCancel

  • Angela Dove - My amazing girl Sadie would make a great dog of the year. She is a well rounded pup for her young age of two. She loves to catch anything, especially a high flying frisbee. She enjoys learning tricks as well as doing agility. She visits the assisted living facility where I work and always impresses me with her gentleness. She also loves to dress up and show off. Sadie is already my dog of the year and I would love to share her with everyone.ReplyCancel

  • Brandy Basalyga - I would love for angel to win I really think she should be the dog of the year, she is so cute, she won sit contest at the spca paw fest event. She is my best friend and my four legged fur baby.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Love your work…would love for Frank the Newfie to win!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Spumoni should win pet of the year! He is amazingly cute and adorable with a perfect temperament. He loves EVERYBODY – dog, human, or kitty.
    He is also a hard worker and will try anything once. He likes to do Agility and Rally, and Treibball and Scootering. He has tried some things that I wanted him to try – and he gives it his best shot even if he isn’t a fan – like sheepherding, or weight pulling.
    He is very clever and likes to “help” me by picking up his toys and putting them away, and bringing me things he picks up. He is great at learning tricks and is enthusiastic about experimenting. He has gone to weekend training trips with me and stayed in hotels, and is always on his best behavior. He helps me teach classes and do presentations too. The most wonderful thing about Spumoni is that he is a Pet Partner Therapy Dog. He really enjoys connecting with people and making them smile, especially kids at school visits. He is always ready to do a trick, give a kiss, or accept lots of love. He is a super special dog!ReplyCancel

  • Hillary Niemeier - I would love to see Bentley win Dog of the Year! He is my best buddy and keeps me entertained with his fun personality…not to mention his good looks! He’s a great dog who loves everything he meets! (Unless it’s a bunny rabbit or a squirrel…those are reallyyyy scary in his book!) 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Renee Juliano - My doxie Oscar can ‘talk’….when begging for his treat he will answer ‘Mama’ when I ask ‘Who loves you’? That’s pretty amazing right? 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Angela Dove - Thanks for hosting this contest. I think we all love the chance to share how special our dogs are to us.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke Jackson - MoMo would love to spend time showing off getting his picture taken with his trademark tongue! This gentle giant will steal your heart!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Love keemo! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Scarlett - Isis would love a custom photo session. She is the sweetest pup you will ever meet : )ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Moreau - My dog Gusto is working hard to break the pit bull stereotype. He loves showing people how excited he is to meet them, wagging his tail so hard he leaves bruises. With our 2.5 yr old daughter he has always been a saint. He lets her climb on him, drag him around the house, ride him like a horse, and use him as a step stool. Gus is always there to comfort us, and his never ending energy makes him great to take along on our family hikes. He’s brilliant in his own goofy way, he can sit pretty, sit, lay down, go to bed, wait, stay, crawl, jump, and other tricks on command (when he’s not too excited).

    His name fits him perfectly, no matter what he’s doing whether playing, or loving, he does it with gusto.ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Love Keemo (MoMo). He is the gentle giant.ReplyCancel

  • Tonia G - Introducing Klepto; yes as in kleptomaniac; he steals hearts. It is true – a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. All bad days are erased when I come home to his pig snorts and wiggle butt. When I give him a kiss and he smiles, yes – he smiles, I know that he loves me just as much as I love him. Klepto is a shared custody dog. Not only because he has so much love to give to us – but also because his Dad or I couldn’t be without him. He has shown me love with no boundaries. He loves everyone and tends to get a complex when someone (or another dog) ignores him while we are walking.
    Klepto has taught me so much in his short life. He’s had quite his share of health issues but he perseveres through it all. He’s been deemed a “medical mystery” dog by more than one vet. When he was 1.5 he had a kidney removed due to an extra artery causing him to pee blood by Dr. Allyson Berent at Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital (part of UPenn). We were told this issue had only been medically documented in one other case and that was a lion. Around 7/2011 we noticed he was getting a potbelly. He’s always been very fit so we decided to monitor treats, food and exercise more closely. Upon a vet visit with our primary vet, Dr. Max Mandel at Stephens City Animal Hospital we realized the issue was bigger – he was retaining fluid. We were told it could be liver disease, heart failure, tumor, leakage from his lymphatic system. Traveling ultrasound tech Dr. David Kerr with VRDIS came to perform an ultrasound and pull fluid to be tested – no major findings in either. An electrocardiogram was performed advising possible congestive heart failure. We then traveled to CVCA to see Dr. Bill Tyrell, cardiologist. After an ultrasound of his heart and an echo cardio all heart issues were ruled out, with the exception of a small murmur. Then we saw Dr. Robert Justin with Leesburg Veterinary Internal Medicine to perform an abdominal ultrasound. No cause of the fluid issue was found. Persistent to find the root cause we traveled to Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (VA Tech Vet School) to see Dr. Amanda Perman & Dr. Michael Leib. After more blood work and ultrasounds the cause remains unknown. The big stuff (cancer, heart failure, liver damage) were all ruled out. Klepto’s fluid issue is now medically managed with prescription food and diuretics. All of the vets involved in his care have my utmost respect!!!
    Klepto rarely seems affected by his health. He lives on love and teaches all of those who give him a chance to do the same. Klepto is hoping you vote for him as “Dog of the Year”.ReplyCancel

  • janet smith - my granddog klepto is hands down the most awesome dog. klepto can open presents by holding with his paws and tearing away the paper. when heis told i am coming for a visit he races to the door to wait for me. he is a huge cuddler and loves to give kisses. klepto lets his mom dress him up and pose him on any occassion. please, please, please let klepto show you how absolutely handsome and talented he is.ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Please pick Klepto! He’s a sweet Pitbull who is loving with both his human friends and fellow pooches. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Kimbrell - Vote for Klepto! He is the sweetest, most loveable, loyal dog ever! Everyone should vote for that handsome little boy!ReplyCancel

  • Lori J. Marple - I vote for Klepto. His mommy is Tonia Gardner. He breaks the pit bull stereo types.:)ReplyCancel

  • Susan Dye - Rudy Valentino, my little Yorkie, would make a great Dog of the Year. His name says it all. He is such a sweetheart. Loves the ladies, children, and other dogs regardless of their size. He’s been known to give big toothy smiles when he sees old friends, or is trying to talk me into giving him a treat:) Even though he might not win the contest, after all there is some pretty stiff competition, he will always be Dog of the Year to me.ReplyCancel

  • Jess Kowalski - I vote for Klepto! He is such an amazing dog who has overcome a lot to be here. He shatters the pit bull stereotype! He is the most lovable dog. He enjoys giving his love and receiving it back. So yes, I vote for Klepto and everyone else should too.ReplyCancel

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